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Marco Antonio Berrios, a.k.a. “the wonder Dawg” is on a mission to leave the World a little better than he found it.
He has been acting all of his life and also playing the bass since 1995. Marco has performed all over NYC, CA and the USA.

In 2003, Marco put together A Day in the Park, an all free, all day music festival on 8/23/03 in Battery Park Manhattan to raise money for kids in the Greenwich Village Youth Council. The event allowed them to buy instruments and pay for lessons.

Marco organized the event as a labor of love – everyone involved donated their time and services. He didn’t want money. His reward was to help kids make music and for him and his band to close out the event performing with all of Manhattan in front of them with a gorgeous sunset including the Statue of Liberty to their backs.

This was a goal he set for himself after being seriously injured in a house fire February 27th, 1999. Dawg literally burned in his sleep, spent 7 days in coma then flat-lined before being given his 2nd chance.

In August 2006, Marco moved to Los Angeles seeking new creative ventures. He performed at several open mics but somehow found himself doing more acting than music. He appears in several independent film projects and made his Prime Time TV debut when appearing on ABC’s “Duel”.

In 2009, Marco, under artist name “Dawg” started his career at American Radio Networks in Hollywood as a radio announcer. Dawg quickly moved up the ranks to having a 1 hour live show on KCLA, 99.3FM. His shows innovated interviews with subtle background music and other audio treats.

In 2012, Dawg started a band and Production Company named “Super Funky Tron” in North Hollywood, CA. The concept was designed so that each of the members was recognized as a Creative Super Hero in their own creative rights while being a team member of a collective form of energy (Tron). The concept allowed various members to rotate in and out of the band while growing individual artist brands.

In 2013, Dawg performed all over Hollywood with Super Funky Tron and other bands, capping of his performance reel with an extraordinary performance at the World Famous Viper Room on 8/18/13 with Vio as the singer/band.

In 2013, Marco also published his 1st book, “Touched by Fire, the 1st 3 Days”. It marked the 1st of 4 parts to his miraculous recovery.

In 2014, Dawg kept performing with various artists all over Hollywood as a cameo bass player and was recognized as the #1 Bass Player in Hollywood, #7 in the USA and #14 in the World on ReverbNation for 91 consecutive days and has been in the top 40 rankings ever since.

On 11/11/14, Dawg finally released his 1st music Album, “Divine Actions With Guidance”.

In early 2016 Dawg Published his 2nd book, “Touched by fire, Parts I & II”, marking the 2nd of 4 parts of the series.

On 12/12/16, Dawg released a mostly Instrumental album “DJs n Dance a Holics”.

By this time Dawg’s music was on 20 Nationally recognized Coast to Coast Mixtapes recognized in several genres of music ranging from EDM to Hip Hop. Dawg and his Executive Producer, SilbyTron were accomplishing what they set out to do.

Just as momentum was building, in early 2017, a technical error with Dawg and his distribution company caused all of his music to drop from all platforms. ALL of the links on ALL of the albums went down.

According to ReverbNation, the only way to repair the problem was to upload new files, with new artist name and a slight change to all of the songs. This was not an easy task, nor an accurate one.

The reality is, ReverbNation should have never let Marco publish any music under artist name “Dawg” because it was taken by two other artists. All of his music was now cancelled because of this.

At the same time, an evil stalker threatened Dawg’s life, found where Dawg was living and gave rat poison to SilbyTron, his Executive Producer/Pitbull/Best Friend, while he was at work. After a week of internal bleeding from the rat poison, SilbyTron was put to rest (1/15/18). R.I.P. Silby.

Marco went into deep pits of depression. Everywhere he turned he saw reminders of Silby, the stalker and his music that was no longer playing. Life became a blur to Marco, not knowing how he was going to rebuild himself on so many levels.

May 2018, seeking new beginnings, Marco packed his things and started driving North. On his way North, Marco got into a car accident and found himself living in a tent in the mountains of Northern California. Although fully insured and 100% not at fault, the head trauma endured, still mourning Silby’s loss and Marco’s living situation allowed him to be manipulated into a very small compensation, leaving him just enough money to get himself out of a tent but not much else. Rebuild and Reinvent was the only thing Marco could focus on.

On the Summer Equinox of 2019, after a long road of rebuilding, Marco re-uploaded his original album, Divine Actions With Guidance, as it was in 2014. Although justice for Silby was slowly being restored, Marco and “Dawg” still needed reinventing.

On 12/12/19, “the wonder Dawg”, the rebuilt and reinvented soul, person and artist released “DJs n Dance a Holics” a modified, remixed and remastered album of the original release 3 years before.

The combination of old names and new created a HUGE problem with ISRCs, UPC and wonder dawg taken seriously.

February, 2020 Marco was invited to perform at SXSW in Austin using an RC-300 loopstation. This was the ground breaking opportunity Marco needed to clarify everything to the World and repair his musical backbone.

Marco packed his van, handed in his apartment keys and prepared his road trip to Texas. This is when the World Shut down for Covid. Marco’s apartment was now gone and he was now living in his van March 2020 through September 2020. Everything was closed everywhere. Showers were far and few, survive is the only thing he could do. This created health problems including carcinoma (cancer) on his foot.

2021 Pushing through the pain, Marco continued his rebuilding by publishing singles under artist name “the wonder Dawg”.including the official and final release of “Movin On (2021 Remix)” and music video featuring years of live and never before seen footage with final respects and closure to SilbyTron.

On 2/22/22, Marco published “DJs n Dance a Holics (2022 Remaster)” under artist name “the wonder Dawg” to finish repairing his digital backbone.

By this time, the cancer in his foot had grown abnormally large. Repairing his physical health became top priority. He had 2 biopsies on his foot and spent most of 2022 in a bed or medical facility.

2023, mostly healed from his ailments, Marco Antonio Berrios, aka “the wonder Dawg” updates his IMDB and all other websites to reflect the rebuilt and reinvented force that will never quit.

“Music and Love are more powerful than anything” – Marco Antonio Berrios

Unique traits: Bi-lingual (Spanish, English)